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Human Anatomy For The Artist


Printable exploratory studies of Idealized Human Proportion for the aspiring art student & artist.

The Human Head (Variation I):

The Human Head & Neck (Variation II):

Idealized Proportion and Anatomy of the Human Head:

The Human Figure:

A Mystical Concept of Drawing:

Driven by a desire to create art that is both timeless and universal, the human figure has been and will continue to be an endless source of inspiration for me. As a student of nature I have spent many years studying human anatomy, proportion, and the underlying universal artistic truths necessary for mastering the human form.

Aspiring to create expressive figures that are masterfully rendered has led me through a disciplined study of these varying complexities and intricacies. There have been many aspects of art and the human form that I have struggled with since my days as a young art student. This compilation of drawings is a selection of the many studies and observations that I have made to overcome those obstacles.

It is my belief that art should be visual and therefore it is my intent not to bore the viewer with tedious semantics. I hope that the studies which I have included will help to inspire a kindred spirit who shares the same love that I have for the human form.

Idealized Proportion of the Human Head by Michael M Hensley

"Idealized Proportion of the Human Head" by Michael M Hensley

"The basic principles of drawing are universal, creative inspiration is personal." Michael M Hensley-