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Human Anatomy For The Artist


The human anatomy plates included here are an assortment of anatomical studies for the aspiring art student and artist. The focus of these studies is directed in particular toward garnering a greater understanding of essential surface anatomy from the perspective of an artist.

You may click on each of the links below to view the printable anatomical plates. All the human anatomy studies found here were created by Michael M. Hensley as an inspirational learning tool for the aspiring art student.

If there is something you would like to see included, if you have discovered any errors, or you would just like to drop a note to say you have found these to be useful you may do so at the email address listed below. Your comments are greatly appreciated.


The Human Head & Neck:

The Human Head: (Features)

The Human Trunk:

The Upper Extremity of the Human Form:

The Human Hand:

The Lower Extremity of the Human Form:

The Human Foot:

Anatomical Torso Study of a Male Athlete by Michael M Hensley

"Anatomical Torso Study of a Male Athlete" by Michael M Hensley

"The basic principles of drawing are universal, creative inspiration is personal." Michael M Hensley-