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Taos Arts Club, Taos Arts Club Teen Art Studio


It is the mission of the "Taos Arts Club / Teen Art Studio” to use art as a vehicle for positive change in the lives of youth throughout northern New Mexico.

The "Taos Arts Club / Teen Art Studio” programs combine both art instruction and life skills education. Activities help the youth in our community come into a greater awareness of their intellectual being through self-expression and creative reasoning. Youth are also encouraged to make healthy life choices for their futures while at the same time feeling a sense of community.

Many of the area youth come from disadvantaged situations due to a complex variety of social and economic factors. The "Taos Arts Club / Teen Art Studio” youth programs strive to fill a void in youth art education where there is a lack of access to quality art instruction and art studio opportunities.

The "Taos Arts Club / Teen Art Studio” youth mentoring programs aspire to foster the intellectual, creative and emotional development of youth through the love of art at all levels of age.

Reflection, imagination, and the realization of possibilities extend beyond the studio and are core elements in the success of these programs. Activities reinforce the lifelong practices of persistence & self-discipline, critical thinking, courage & risk-taking.

Furthermore, it is the aim of the "Taos Arts Club / Teen Art Studio” programs to create and harbor an art environment that develops confident, technically skilled, creative artisans who have a life long passion and love for the arts.

Taos Arts Club
Michael M. Hensley widely regarded as a master draftsman of the human form is the Founder and Artistic Director of the Taos Arts Club and Taos Arts Club/Teen Art Studio. Mr. Hensley has been promoting Youth Art Education and Adult Art Education in Taos, New Mexico for over thirty years.

For more information on workshops or if you would like to have a workshop in your area please contact us by Email @:  ARTIST ANATOMY.COM

Father of Dragons by Michael M Hensley

"Father of Dragons" by Michael M Hensley

"The basic principles of drawing are universal, creative inspiration is personal." Michael M Hensley-